David Beaudoin

David Beaudoin was born and raised in Quebec City, lives now in Lake Country, British Columbia, and has his Squeaky Cheese made in Manitoba, which kind of makes him a local all across Canada.

A cheese-lover at heart, David moved to the Okanagan in 2005, where he turned his passion for cheese into an enterprise and launched his Squeaky Cheese TM, distribution, education, and pairing experience businesses.

After 5 years of successfully building his Squeaky Cheese business, David decided to take on the lead role for one of the oldest Cheese Factory in British Columbia. During the next five years, working and learning with one of the country’s cheese masters, his knowledge and passion for cheese reached a whole new level. With a thorough understanding of the industry, he now shares his knowledge and enthusiasm for making, tasting and enjoying cheeses of all kinds. Dubbed ‘The Cheese Poet’ and known locally as ‘The Squeaky Cheese Guy,’ he also works as a cheese expert and consultant with the Dairy Farmers of Canada and educate many retailers of our industry in understanding the benefits and handling practices of working with cheese.

David is proud to be Canadian, and he will sure educate and entertain you with our amazing world class cheeses. Come meet David, be part of this amazing cheese experience.

My mission

My Mission is to unite and empower one million Canadian with the education necessary to buy the right Canadian cheese before any other cheese, while helping foster our communities, while creating a patriotic country.

I care in sharing knowledge for people to make their own decision on why it is of utmost importance to buy our own cheese, and support our local economy, no matter what the cost is. I will make you taste Canadian Cheese that have nothing to envy cheese from anywhere else in the world.

I promise to share a positive message with clarity, transparency, and a whole lot of fun at every event, with an experience and knowledge that will be leaving you feeling surprised and holy cow wowed!