Hi, I am David Beaudoin!

The Squeaky Cheese Guy


to the home of the famous Squeaky Cheese!

Hello and welcome

Squeaky Cheese is the healthiest, most wholesome cheese around and we want the world to know it. Something this delicious and squeaky needs to be shared so that everyone can experience that cheesy goodness for themselves.

Taste buds, you’re in for a treat!

About me

A cheese-lover at heart, David turned his passion into an enterprise and launched Squeaky Cheese and the Kebek Cheese Distribution Company.


to the home of the famous Squeaky Cheese!

Why buy cheese?

Uniquely Canadian

Squeaky Cheese is the best mild cheddar around because it’s made with 100% real Canadian milk. No modified milk ingredients, hormones or antibiotics, and it’s Kosher certified.

Wholesome Food

Squeaky Cheese is an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals, providing everything your body needs to grow strong, healthy and happy.

Made with Love

queaky Cheese was founded by a true cheese artisan who loves making his signature curds almost as much as he loves making customers smile.

Always squeaky

Whether you savour our slightly salty cheese on its own or as an ingredient in other dishes, you’ll always get that squeak appeal.

David Beaudoin | Canadian Cheese Ambassador

You should also know...

That when you buy Squeaky Cheese, you support your own community, our own farmers, that care to supply this amazing whole food that is Canadian Milk, and it will make you smile! Guaranteed!

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