Why I do what I do

I want to start a movement for healthier guts and a happier planet by making Canadian cheese more accessible for all! I do this by educating consumers about the pleasures of eating and supporting Canadian cheese!

I believe in...

Living outside the box. There’s no box! I believe in being outstandingly creative in everything I do...especially when delivering my “Holy Cow Wow Experiences!

Being squeaky clean. I believe in wholesome, transparent and authentic communication

Funking it up. Playfulness is THE cure for stress. This is a hill I will die on!

Real connections. Food experiences are the bridges that connect us as human beings.

Daily growth. I believe in learning and growing every single day because learning is the key to creating impactful change and creating outstanding experiences.

Less is better. No mass production for mass consumption! What we need is to eat less better-quality food for a healthier body and a happier planet.